This iron woman is called Kuruvama. She is an excellent artist who has been making paper products for the past 8 years.
She lost her husband within months after her marriage. Since then she is living alone, its already 28 years, that she is independent and working hard for her earnings every single day.

Our Auro Deniz team identified her and made a promise, we will support her and the amazing skills she has.
She is working with a group of women, who are making paper products. We are taking their paper products Online through only aurodeniz.com, where we are the best online store for them.

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This is Mr Kathir, he belongs to one of the neighbouring villages of Auroville.
He is the first generation in his family to indulge in the production of Terracotta.

All this began when he was 10 years old. At such a young age, he had to support his family as his father was addicted to alcohol.
He started as a labour in a Terracotta production site, his interest and creativity gave him the right confidence after 7 years, to start his own Terracoda business.
Now he is a 35 years old man with a daughter and his wife.

Auro Deniz team met him on 26.10.2020, where we really wanted to support him and his family. Even though he has great skills, the exposure was not enough to bring him up in life and move to the next level.
Auro Deniz has taken the responsibility to bring his products and skills online to show the world this amazing man.

The artisans we choose are those who need a push to come up in life in this society which has not changed much.

If you want to know more about Mr Kathir and willing to buy his products, please mail us or what’s app us.