An excellent design to make your table more beautiful

Made by a young artisan called Karan Kumar from Auroville Bio-region

Dimensions in cm: 12x12x17

Weight: 1066g

We have brought this excellent ceramic product to you for your best quality experience






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This is a beautiful ceramic Tea Pot made for you with fine, Green shade colour. Our artisan has used the finest clay to bring this to its perfect shape and best quality to the customers. The different materials used, to give this Teapot an amazing look are, Stone Wear, Clay and Ceramic clay. The presence of these ceramics products in your house will add more beauty to you and your food while serving them. Using these ceramics products will keep your family and the environment healthy. This is an extraordinary piece, put in the oven over around 1300 degree Celsius, to give this wonderful artwork. It is time for us to use Hand made, Natural, Organic products.


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