Water Jar


Hand Made: Natural minerals: Healthy for usage

Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 22

This comes with an minimum order of 2 pieces

Our earth, where we obtain all our nutrition from, is now on your hand, shaped the way you love.

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This Handmade Jar is perfectly crafted for your Healthy Kitchen. It is useful to store water. The Water in the Jar is maintained in a very healthy condition, where it will act as a natural filter and maintain a cool temperature. The minerals present in the terracotta Water Jar will help to improve our Immune system and support a healthy lifestyle. It is more beneficial when compared to normal RO water and Refrigerator water. This Jar was made out of Baked Clay, which is Merely called “Terracotta ”. At first, the raw clay is processed and made into a Smooth Clay, and the impurities are removed. The refined clay will go for shaping out as the desired Object. After completion of this process, the object was extremely fired and the colour will be turned from brown to red, which is the Natural colour of Terracotta Products. We made all our Terracotta Products in Natural mode without any chemical coating.

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Weight1.061 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 22 cm


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