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Eco-friendly Cloth Pads

Good for Earth

Cloth pads can prevent thousands of non-biodegradable sanitary waste around the world each month. It takes 500+ years for a plastic pad to decompose.

Wash and Reuse

Environment friendly, last for years. Soak the pad for 30 minutes in soapy water before washing and same as washing any clothes.

Made by women

Our pads are stiched by small-scale women tailoring units in and around Auroville(Tamilnadu), Where they are: in charge of their own working condition. Based on their local communities.

Comfort and Soft

Button and wings keep the pads in place, Made with organic, soft brushed cotton flannel. No more rashes or irritations.our pads have a leakproof bottom layer made of PUL (Poly Urethane Laminate)

Organic Cottons

100% organic and certified cotton, this means no pestiside, no chemicals fertilizers, using GOTS certified dyes and dyeing standards

Good for skin

Our cloth pads are made of cotton & promote well being through the menstrual cycle, as well as being affordable & beautiful too.

Cotton Rope Hammock swings

Making your relaxation extra awesome

Constructed of tightly woven, soft fabric, cotton hammocks offer soft, comfortable relaxation, they are designed for cooler temperatures, restricting airflow and preserving body heat, so prepare to relax and enjoy a peaceful nap.

Paper Lamp shades


paper lamp shades

create a soft, cosy atmosphere in your home with a paper lamp that spreads a diffused and decorative light.

Ceramic cups

Environment Friendly
Ceramic cups are the alternative tableware replacing the ones that consist of plastic components. Its elegant look and attractive appearance will make you use them repeatedly. It is simply an alternative to reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.
Attractive Glazing
Attractive glazing gives an exciting classy finishing to the products. We are generally using natural paints for our products.
Holds Heat better
The thick-walled ceramic cup holds the sizzling hotness of our drink to give a nice taste to our taste buds in every sip of our sweetness.

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