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The Journey of AuroDeniz

support the artisan of Auroville Bio-region

Auro Deniz is a “Unit Of Auroville” that has taken the step to support the artisan of Auroville Bio-region. Our main focus is “Women Artisan”, who are our Pride. They needs to be given a lot of attension to bring equality in this society. Auro Deniz will work towards their develepment.

We will tell our story, short and sweet

When the Covid-19 pandemic stared, one of the group of people that suffered a lot were the Artisans. Their economic situationl lead them to various crises especially food. Their children faced even more stuggle as they had no idea what was happening. This was the time we, with a group of 4 members, took a survey of the all the 11 villages around us.

We couldnt go more than that due to resource and the restrictions. This was the right time fo us to help these people, who had amazing skills. We linked various E-commerce stores to support the Artisans, but, the response was not upto the level we expected. This was the time our E-commerce store, Auro Deniz came to existance.

We are moving towards the path of “ Growth Through Unity” which is slowly getting extict in this World. Our service will always be there to support the Artisan.



We want to uplift the social and the economic status of the Artisan, especially, the “ Women Artisan” There may be many groups supporting the Women Artisan but, Auro Deniz look at it totally different. We belong to one family, that is Humans. We are all here for a purpose. Lets love and respect each other for a better world and Future.

We, as a Youth of Auroville, will do all that we can, to make this a better wolrd, starting with this small initaive to supporting the Artisan, especially the “ Women Artisan”

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